Unique Wedding Venues in Huntsville

Unique Wedding Venues in Huntsville

So I hear that you are on the hunt for a unique venue for your Rocket City wedding…might I suggest one of the most beautiful, the most romantic, the most perfect category of wedding venues ever known in all of human history?

I am talking, of course, about the museum. The keeper of the tangible objects of history and culture. How much more romantic could one possibly want?

Here is a just sampling of the variety of museums that you can choose from!

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If you love historic homes…

…check out the Weeden House. Built in 1819. Home of artist and poet Maria Howard Weeden. Full of beauty inside and out.


If you love art…

…check out the Huntsville Museum of Art


…or Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment

If you love museums and nature…

…check out Burritt on the Mountain.

This museum isn’t called the “Jewel of the Mountain” for nothing! In addition to the museum and historic buildings, the view from the mountain is AMAZING!


If you love space and rockets…

…check out the U.S. Space & Rocket Center.

Here’s your chance to get married next to a capsule that has travelled around the moon and back, a moonrock, AND one of the three remaining Saturn V rockets left in the entire world. Which would make your wedding… out of this world.*

*sorry, guys… it had to be said. IT HAD TO.


Photo: Saturn V

Caption: They have space for your wedding!*

*Yeah, no excuse for that one, guys…

If you love trains…

…check out Huntsville Depot and Museum.

Pretty much the most romantic place ever.* Civil War graffiti, trains, built in 1860… sigh, isn’t it dreamy?


*Disclaimer: I may be a bit partial…

 I’d get married there. (And I did).

If you love Alabama history…

…check out Alabama Constitution Village and EarlyWorks Children’s Museum.

One is the birthplace of the Alabama Constitution. The other is the largest hands-on history museum in the south. Perfection.


If you love nature…

… the Huntsville Botanical Garden will surround you and your guests with the stunning beauty of its lush gardens and sweeping, classic Southern architecture. Choose from a variety of venues, including areas inside the brand-new Guest Center. From an intimate gathering to a grand celebration, the Huntsville Botanical Garden is sure to be a place that your love will “grow!”

Credit: Joel and Amber Photography

If you love eclectic…

… check out AM Booth’s Lumberyard! It would be the perfect place to have your wedding. With items that are 100 years old and a look that defines shabby chic this venue has hosted more than 600 weddings. They are able to cater to indoors and outdoor weddings. If you have a fun and funky style, this is the place to say I do!

Congratulations and happy wedding planning!


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Although not raised in Huntsville, Rebecca high-tailed it here as quickly as she could. There is no place she would rather call home. Most of her waking hours involve working for the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. An avid storyteller, she loves nothing better than to share Huntsville’s tales whether during Huntsville Ghost Walks, conducting tours of the Huntsville Depot, or bringing history to life during the Cemetery Stroll.

  • Don’t forget about A.M. Booth’s Lumberyard! It’s the most eclectic wedding venue in Huntsville with 100 year old hints of charm and incredibly unique decor. The venue has hosted over 600 ceremonies and receptions over the past ten years and is very accommodating to any size wedding big or small. It is a must see when visiting Huntsville #amboothslumberyard. http://www.amboothslumberyard.com

    • Kristen Pepper says:

      Absolutely! We <3 the Lumberyard - one of the most unique spaces you'll find in Huntsville, all in a perfect downtown location!

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