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As a lifelong resident of Huntsville, I am still amazed at the amount of new things I stumble upon almost every day. Hidden gems in the Rocket City are quickly becoming more noticeable, thanks to social media and bloggers like myself who want to share them. On top of these local stores and museums, there are literally hundreds of clubs to choose from, and they are quickly creating tiny communities all their own. That is why I am excited to show you eight different ways to show your Superfan side in Huntsville. Here in the Rocket City, everyone can find something to geek out about.


  1. Screen Tees

Screen Tee geeks can make their own at Green Pea Press in Lowe Mill, or get shirts emblazoned with iconic places from Huntsville’s past at Rocket City Brand at the Clinton Row Project. You can also pick up some from FOW WOW Designs at the Visitor Center!


  1. Comic Books

Into superheroes and comic books? Chow down in style at Supper Heroes off Winchester Road, then swing by and get your hands on a comic book of your own at The Deep in Huntsville. Toy Box Bistro is also home for some nerdy food!


  1. Beer Geeks

Make sure to check out the Downtown Craft Beer Trail. You can visit taprooms and win a prize if you get to all the places! Beer connoisseurs can test their knowledge at The Nook, where patrons can choose from over 500 beers. Don’t miss out on their German Food Night.


  1. Gallery Geeks

Art geeks can find galleries and studios all across Huntsville, from official museums like the Huntsville Museum of Art and The Weeden House to funky local studios like Lowe Mill Arts and The ARTery.

Weeden House

  1. Space Geeks

Budding astronauts and space geeks, consider yourselves lucky. Huntsville is home to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, and boasts enough entertainment to keep you exploring for days.


  1. History Geeks

Into history? Take a tour at the Historic Huntsville Depot, The Historic Lowry House, or Burritt on the Mountain. If you are into something spooky, The Huntsville Ghost Walk blends history with the paranormal.

Catch the Red Eye - depot

  1. Alternative Geeks

Both skaters and punks with a love for all things weird can check out World Conspiracy, a local skate shop with zombie-themed events.


  1. Book Geeks

For bibliophiles on a budget, used bookstores like Beloved Books and Booklegger are perfect for stumbling upon a new favorite.




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Stephanie Schrenk

Stephanie has called the Rocket City home for 25 years. As a college student at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, she spent many afternoons as a bored young adult asking “What is there to do in Huntsville?” before she decided to venture out and find the answer. After finding out way more than she had bargained for, she started blogging about all of the cool local events happening in her own backyard. Ever since then, she has been writing for local websites about people, places, and events in the Tennessee Valley. You can see her capturing Huntsville through the lens of her camera on her Tumblr, or on her Instagram. Give her a shout out on Twitter @H3dgeClipper.


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