Nature Connects at Huntsville Botanical Garden an Enchanting, Must-Experience Exhibit

Nature Connects: Art with LEGO Bricks at the Huntsville Botanical Garden via

Photo: Huntsville Botanical Garden, Facebook

By Erica Jackman


Recently, I got the (AWESOME) task of exploring the 2015 exhibit at the Huntsville Botanical Garden to write it up for you guys on!  I’ll be honest with you. I wasn’t the biggest LEGO® connoisseur growing up, but, man, was I impressed. The detail behind this LEGO® art (and it is art) is absolutely breathtaking.

Called, Nature Connects: Art with LEGO® Bricks, the exhibit features stunning sculptures made completely out of LEGO® blocks built by Sean Kenney.


LEGO Bird & Dragon Fly


Guests can view the 27 marvelous sculptures placed in 14 different spots throughout the garden. Each sculpture includes a sign explaining the number of pieces, as well as information about the animal or plant being featured. It’s the perfect learning environment to teach kids about different plants and animals while still keeping it fun and interesting. Let’s be real for a second:  these things are just plain cool.


LEGO Bee & Water Platters


I don’t want to give too much away, because this is just something you have to see in person.

Here were a couple of my favorite spots.

Within the Purdy Butterfly House, you can see a bumblebee floating above the pond and even a moth orchid! Here’s a neat fact I learned on my visit: the ducks have even been seen using the water platters in the aquatic garden as a nice sitting spot.

When you first enter the Garden, you can see a stunningly sculpted rose and a hummingbird feeding on a flower.

The bison was sculpted using over 45,000 LEGO® pieces!


LEGO Bison


Don’t forget to take a photo at the mosaic made of roughly 29,000 LEGO® pieces! It’s the perfect place to snap a photo of your kids having a blast.

BONUS: Make sure the kiddos check out the the creative build and racetracks areas!


LEGO Mosaic Photo Op


The Nature Connects: Art with LEGO® Bricks exhibit will be at the Huntsville Botanical Garden until July 26, 2015. For more information on all the fun visit the Huntsville Botanical Garden-Nature Connects website.




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