Invisible Art in Downtown Huntsville


Have you seen the invisible art in the heart of Huntsville?

We may be in the middle of a drought, but Arts Huntsville is hoping to motivate some rain clouds with their latest art project in the heart of the city! They teamed up with teacher Michelle Sisson and her students from Lee High School’s Creative Writing Magnet to bring invisible poetry to the streets of Huntsville. While invisible now, the poetry will finally be revealed when it rains.



Arts Huntsville worked with the City of Huntsville Department of Landscape Management to identify central locations for the students’ work. The poems were painted using biodegradable water-repellent spray paint and can be found around the downtown Huntsville Square, intersections around the Huntsville Hospital District and on the Lee High School Campus.




The biodegradable water-repellent spray paint gradually fades over the course of four months. So when the showers come, step outside, snap a photo of the poetry, post it and tag them at @artshuntsville (and, of course, #iHeartHsv).




For more information about the Invisible Poetry project, visit or follow Arts Huntsville on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.









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