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Editor’s Note: This blog has been updated to accurately reflect information for 2018.

10 Tasty Days of Deals: 2018 Huntsville Restaurant Week

Webster defines gluttony as, “excess in eating; extravagant indulgence in the appetite for food.” I say, “Pufffft!” Huntsville Restaurant Week (HRW) returns in August! For residents, HRW is a chance to venture outside of your norm and try a new place or dish in our diverse dining scene.  For visitors, consider this your invitation to explore Huntsville/Madison County’s many and ever growing culinary delights. From Tex-Mex to Italian, Thai and sushi to Persian, Greek and good ole’ Alabama BBQ, the Rocket City’s got it all!

The 7th annual Huntsville/Madison County Restaurant Week will be August 10-19. During the 10 tasty days of deals, participating eateries will be offering fixed-price specials that are sure to tempt you—at their locations, no tickets required and reservations only if it is place where you usually need reservations.

How it works

Lunches are two-courses at $10 and $15 and dinners are three-courses at $10, $20, $30 and $40. Each place decides how many of the categories they will serve. For our favorite places that do not serve a full lunch or dinner, they will be offering specials in the Bonus Bites category. Bonus Bites are anything but lunch or dinner—think unbelievable chocolate assortments, tantalizing desserts, and wake-me-up breakfasts! What’s more than a bonus? Some places are offering specials in addition to the set categories. (Yeah, they are culinary overachievers and my taste buds say thank you).

Special Craft Beers

Returning for 2018, most of our craft breweries are getting involved! Six of your favorite local breweries are brewing up a special beer just for the 10 days of Huntsville Restaurant Week. Check them out on our website and on the Untappd app.

In addition to the delectable specials, our partners have cooked up other food-related events. All are listed at www.huntsville.org/restaurantweek for more information.

Special Events

Those include:

August 8 – Homegrown Huntsville’s Dine & Dash

August 9 & 16U.S. Space & Rocket Center’s Biergarten

August 10-19Huntsville Restaurant Week Social Media Contest

August 10-12 – Honest Coffee Roasters’ Undercover Coffee Scavenger Hunt

August 11 – Blue Pant’s Brewery’s Fruit and Oak Festival

August 13 —Rocket Chef at Merrimack Hall

August 15—Keegan’s Public House’s Wine Down Wednesday

A.M. Booth’s Lumberyard’s Dueling Pianos

Burritt on the Mountain’s Cocktails at the View

August 17 — Grille 29’s Experience the Mix

August 17Downtown Huntsville, Inc.’s Battle of the Food Truck All Stars


Helpful hints for making the most of Huntsville Restaurant Week:

Start making your strategic dining plan now! Visit www.huntsville.org/restaurantweek. Each participant is listed and their specials can be found under the “see more” tab.

Don’t forget! Everywhere you go, use the hashtag #DineHsv. You could win a prize of a $25 gift certificate at participating restaurants. Throughout the 10 days, we’ll be randomly drawing

Download The House app for daily information about each participant and download Untappd to unlock the HRW badge.

I hope this has your mouth watering and your tummy rumbling. Enjoy Huntsville Restaurant Week to the fullest! You can strap on your running shoes later.



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