Gotta Try: Pan Seared Salmon and Fried Buttermilk Chicken at Commerce Kitchen

Gotta Try: Pan Seared Salmon at Commerce Kitchen in Huntsville, AL via

By Constance Smith


A little while ago, Alabama was slammed with some lovely winter weather. Yes, I said lovely. As someone who grew up in the north and moved to Alabama from Alaska, I love getting treated to real winter weather. I only wish we got it more often.  But I’m not here to talk about the weather, I’m here to share with you one of my favorite places to eat in Huntsville.


Commerce Kitchen Girls Night


During this particular week of wintery weather, I had a “Girls Night Out” scheduled with my friend Christy. The weather hit, and it looked like it might have been cancelled, but the roads had cleared up, and we called the restaurant to see if they were open, and they were!


Commerce Kitchen


So we headed off to the well-known Commerce Kitchen in downtown Huntsville. Since moving to the Huntsville area, I’ve heard a lot about Commerce Kitchen. Neither my friend nor I had ever been there, so we were looking forward to trying it out.

I arrived a little early and had the dining room to myself. Not too many people had braved the weather, and I had driven over on practically deserted roads. I took advantage of the lack of crowds and took in the beautiful atmosphere, the tufted leather wall bench and pristine decor. It had a lovely balance of elegance and the rustic charm of a historic building.


Commerce Kitchen Dining Room


Christy and I looked over the menu and had a difficult time figuring out what to order. We asked the server what the favorites were and took those into consideration.

I went with their recommended sweet corn chowder and a cocktail as starters. For an entree, I ordered pan-seared salmon with parsnip puree, roasted vegetables and a blood orange beurre blanc. Christy ordered their very popular buttermilk fried chicken with maple sweet potatoes and dijon collard greens. How southern is that?


Commerce Kitchen Food


Everything we had was absolutely amazing. The sweet corn chowder was smooth, creamy and “oh my goodness” good. The salmon was perfectly seared, yet melt-in-your-mouth tender. The parsnip puree was rich and flavorful. Christy’s fried chicken was perfectly crisp on the outside and moist and juicy on the inside. The maple sweet potatoes were pure heaven.

I finished off the evening with a cappuccino – my favorite way to close out a meal. I can tell you that Christy and I both looked long and hard at the dessert menu, but painfully decided that we were just too full to indulge any further.


Commerce Kitchen food 2


Commerce Kitchen provided us a top-notch meal in a gorgeous environment. They have a very popular Sunday brunch with offerings such as fried green tomato benedict or jumbo gulf shrimp with falls mill grits. And while you are enjoying that wonderful midday meal, you could pair it with a “saucy pig” – that’s a cocktail in case you are wondering.

So head downtown to Commerce Kitchen, because you “gotta try” it!




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Constance Smith

Constance Smith

Constance J. Smith is a blogger, recipe developer and a “seasoned” army wife. Having been around the block and all over the world for the last 23+ years, her family is now settling in Alabama after arriving in the summer of 2013. She loves the outdoors – hiking, kayaking, geocaching, camping, hunting and more. Anywhere Constance goes, she chronicles her journey with her readers – from creating family-friendly recipes to hiking in the wilderness of Alaska, and now planting roots in the Tennessee Valley. Portions of her content have been published in local and national print. You can find her at

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