Cartoons and Comics at the Huntsville Museum of Art


Comic books and cartoons. The very essence of childhood; words that conjure up a much simpler time in life. Waking up on Saturday morning, eating a bowl of Honeycombs cereal while watching Roadrunner outsmart Wiley Coyote yet again. Not so patiently waiting for the latest issue of Superman to see how he defeats the bad guy.

Of course, that was a long time ago.

You’re an adult now.

Adulting is hard work.

Now you are expected to have a more sophisticated, refined palate. Your Saturday morning excitement should be something more like checking out an exhibit or two at the art museum.

But what if you could combine the two?

Guess what? For the next couple of months, you are in luck! The Huntsville Museum of Art’s two newest exhibits, “My Hero” and “What’s Up, Doc?” are guaranteed to excite both the kid and adult in you.


What’s Up, Doc? The Animation Art of Chuck Jones

October 16, 2016- January 22, 2017

What’s Up, Doc? is all about the brains behind some of most iconic cartoon characters such as Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd and Pepe Le Pew.


The exhibit is laid out in seven sections, each highlighting a component of Chuck Jones’s career as an animation director and artist, and features more than 136 original sketches and drawings, storyboards, production backgrounds, and photographs. Throw in a few listening stations and video screens, and you’ve got yourself quite the experience even a “wascally wabbit” could appreciate. And don’t forget to take a picture at the photo-ops placed around the exhibit!



Peter Baldaia, curator of Huntsville Museum of Art


My Hero: Contemporary Art & Superhero Action

September 11- December 11

My Hero commemorates and seeks to re-envision the lives of iconic superheroes we all know and love.  Have you ever seen a sculpture of Batman’s head? My Hero could rectify that for you.


What about an oil painting of Batman? Through their works, the artists featured in My Hero explore the meaning of the alter ego and reveal the untold aspects and stories of the superheroes’ lives, humanizing them in the process.


Hannah Rothstein “Reckless Endangerment” from the “Who Are Heroes?” series 2013 giclée print on canvas of original acrylic on board painting, edition of 100 30″h x 20″w


Hannah Rothstein “Battery and Assault” from the “Who Are Heroes?” series 2013 giclée print on canvas of original acrylic on board painting, edition of 100 30″h x 20″w


You’ll see yourself reflected in the images of superheroes. You will empathize with Andreas Englund’s print of a much older (and much rounder) Punisher. You’ll discover the superhero inside you.

(Plus… comics will always be super cool.)

So hurry up and go check out the exhibits!

That’s all, folks! (Sorry/not sorry, I couldn’t resist!)







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