About Us

Welcome to iHeartHsv.com!



iHeartHsv.com is all about the Rocket City visitor. Why should you travel to Huntsville? What is there to do, eat, see? We’ve brought together a team of locals—from self-described ‘wranglers of rocket scientists’, to speechwriters for America’s Space Program to acclaimed food bloggers and nature lovers (and more!)—to tell you everything you need to know about Huntsville and Madison County to get the most out of your time here. Enjoy!



iHeartHsv is the official blog of the Huntsville/Madison County Convention & Visitors Bureau that aims to provide visitors with timely, unique, smart and relevant content about traveling to Huntsville/Madison County and getting the most out of their time here. We work with seven regular contributors and an army of guest bloggers on a monthly basis to make sure visitors have all of the information they need to 1) make the all-important decision to come visit us and 2) have a ‘blast’ while they are here (Fair warning: brace yourself for MANY space puns, because hey now—- we aren’t called ‘Rocket City’ for nothing).


What to Expect

Every Wednesday morning (barring extraordinary circumstances like lack of coffee), we’ll be posting new blogs for you. What types of posts can you expect?  We’ll be bringing you several exciting series such as:

-Attraction Pro-tips, where we’ll give you our tips on exploring the Rocket City

-My Madison County, in which we’ll ‘turn over’ iHeartHsv.com to a local so they can give you their favorite things to do in Huntsville

-Huntsville Made: a series on local shopping options and locally made products

– Gotta Try Food: iHeartHsv bloggers’ picks for the one, gotta-try and signature item at Huntsville/Madison County restaurants

-Little Known Huntsville — cool facts visitors might not know about the Rocket City. Miniature social media favorite @BuzzHuntsville will author this series.

-Meet Huntsville Pro Tips: a series for meeting and event planners considering Huntsville as their next host city


That’s where we’ll start, but it isn’t where we’ll end. If we think of a post that we would find helpful while traveling, we’re going to write it up for you. Bottom line: We want to share with you a community that we believe is second to none, and one of the most unique places in the world. We’re so happy you are here to go on this journey with us.