7 New Brews in the Rocket City

Huntsville's newest brews


The wonderful thing about Huntsville’s craft beer industry is that brewers are always coming up with something new and exciting for their patrons.  Though all the breweries have tried-and-true flagship beers, they also create plenty of limited and seasonal brews, allowing customers to have something new and fresh to experience.  Here are some of the newest beers to try.


  1. Blue Pants Brewery’s Pils ABV – 5.6%


Blue Pants Brewery’s Pils


Pils is a German-style beer, made with premium ingredients, including noble hops from the Hallertau region in Germany.  It is a crisp, clean beer perfect for the hop-lover.



 2. Salty Nut Brewery’s Pale Ale Series ABV – 6.5%


Salty Nut Brewery’s Pale Ale Series


Craft beer connoisseurs will definitely want to sample this pale ale trio, as it is both delicious and educational.  Salty Nut has brewed three beers exactly the same, except each beer is brewed with a different type of hop.  This allows patrons to fully differentiate the various hop profiles.



 3. YellowHammer Brewery’s Lost Highway Black Lager ABV – 5.8%

Yellowhammer's Lost Highway

Yellowhammer’s Lost Highway

Though Lost Highway isn’t new, the ability to buy it in bottled 6-packs is.  This dark lager is a smooth, drinkable beer made with German malts and hops.



 4. Blue Pants Brewery’s Weedy Double Knee ABV – 8.7%


Blue Pants Brewery’s Weedy Double Knee


Weedy Double is a double IPA with hints of citrus and floral flavors.  It is a hoppy beer, making it a fan favorite with the hopheads.



 5. Brew Stooges’ Hot Chocolate Knucklehead Porter ABV – 5.9%


Brew Stooges’ Hot Chocolate Knucklehead Porter


A twist on their flagship beer, Knucklehead porter, Hot Chocolate has hints of chocolate, as well as a spicy kick to it.  This is a seasonal beer; so get it while it’s hot. Pun intended.



 6. YellowHammer Brewery’s Hop Revival ABV – 9.2%


Yellowhammer Brewery’s Hop Revival I Photo by Ethan Crouch


Hop Revival is a double IPA with floral notes and a citrus character.  Though it is a high-gravity beer, it is very easy to drink.  It is a seasonal beer; so stock up before it is gone.



 7. Old Black Bear Brewing Company’s Speckled Trout ABV – 4.75%


Old Black Bear’s Speckled Trout

Speckled Trout is the newest canned beer for Old Black Bear.  It is an American wheat beer with hints of honey and lemon. Its lightness makes it a great thirst-quenching beer.





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