7 geeky things you can do in Huntsville’s breweries

7 geeky things you can do in Huntsville’s breweries

Let’s face it. The Rocket City is a pretty geeky (aka amazing) place.  It is a city that sports a Space Camp, two Saturn V moon rockets and a walking trail in the shape of DNA’s double helix.  We are a city of scientists, mathematicians, teachers, and gamers.  You can’t even throw a 20-sided die or a thermodynamics textbook without hitting an engineer or doctor (no, not that kind of doctor), so it only makes sense that Huntsville’s nerd culture would also be a part of its blossoming craft beer industry.

Here are 7 geeky things you can do in Huntsville’s breweries:


1. Join a book club at Yellowhammer Brewing.

The Book Report book club typically meets the third Monday of each month at Yellowhammer Brewing.  Each member reads whatever book they want and discusses it while sipping on craft beer. For more information, contact the Huntsville Library at 256-881-5620.




2. Play Ms. Pacman or Star Trek pinball at Straight to Ale.

Straight to Ale has an entire room devoted to classic arcade games and pinball machines. You can relive your nerdy childhood, but this time you’re old enough to drink!  Straight to Ale is open seven days a week from 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm.



3. Go online to see what percentage of your favorite brew is available at Old Town Beer Exchange and then Tweet or Instagram about it.

Old Town Beer Exchange has a digital menu board that tracks the exact percentage of beer available on each tap.  Not only can you see what’s available and how much of it is available on their menu board, you can see the same stats online at http://otbxhsv.com/beer. If you tweet or instagram about Old Town Beer Exchange with the hashtag #otbxhsv, your post will pop up on the menu board’s sidebar.



4. Play Dungeons and Dragons at Rocket Republic Brewing Company on Table Top Game Night.

The Rocket Republic Brewing Company hosts Table Top Game Nights every other Tuesday. So gather your friends, your game of choice and enjoy an evening of fantastical adventure!



5. Pay for your beer with bitcoins at Old Town Beer Exchange

Old Town Beer Exchange accepts the virtual currency bitcoin.  


6. Rock out to nerd band Foot Pound Force at the Mad Malts Brewery.

What better way to celebrate your geekiness than listening to a band that is made up of engineers rock out about space, science and, of course, cult horror film actor Bruce Campbell.  

Foot Pound Force (named after a unit of torque) performs at the Brew Stooges Brewery every 4 to 6 weeks. Check their Facebook page for performance dates.



7. Participate in board games, coloring for adults or watch old school VHS tapes at Salty Nut Brewery.


There is always something wonderfully geeky going on at Salty Nut Brewery, so make sure you check their Facebook page weekly and visit the brewery at the new location on Clinton Avenue!






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  • Tracy Cobbs says:

    Don’t forget Puzzled Pint! It’s a monthly casual puzzle-solving event that rotates locations among HSV’s many great breweries. We’ve previously been at Rocket Republic, Yellowhammer, and Straight to Ale. More info at puzzledpint.com

  • Board&Brew says:

    Don’t forget about us! We’re a board game rental pop up also inside Straight to Ale Brands. We’re serving up classic and modern games Tu/Sa/Su for all your nerdy needs! Keep an eye on our social media for updates on games from new developers and crowd finding campaigns!

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