2015 SELTI Short Story Contest: Monte Sano Memories, Part Two

2015 SELTI Short Story Contest, Monte Sano Memories Part 2 via iHeartHsv.com

By Kathryn Lang


The decisions we make for the moment can trickle into the lifetime. She pursued school and left love behind. Now she was back in Huntsville and love was calling her to return to that moment at the Monte Sano Overlook.

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She closed her eyes and willed her lungs to work. It took a moment to trust herself, and when she opened her eyes the man had walked over to the view to take a picture.


“You’re being silly.” She scolded her heart for getting out of control. She grabbed the jacket from the back seat and bundled up to face the wind. It seemed even colder to her now.


The man acknowledged her with a nod as she walked up to take in the view. She managed a smile, but her heart fought it. The view was the same – the stark limbs against the blue sky balanced by the deep evergreens.


Her mind went back to that moment sitting there with him – it was all the same and yet it was all so different. One lone tear traveled down the side of her nose and came to rest on the corner of her mouth. She wiped it away and tried to wipe away the memory as well.


She inhaled and could smell the hint of rain on the cold breeze. The winter seemed determined to take over.


She drew in another deep drag of the crisp air and she felt a little warmer. Winter would never be able to hold on. Eventually, spring would break through. New hope would blossom all around. She just had to find her way to keep going until spring made it.
A car door slammed behind her and she looked to her side and noticed the man was no longer taking his pictures. He had been kind enough to leave her alone, or maybe kind was not the best word to offer. Alone felt too heavy for her. Until now, staring at the bare limbs of winter, she had seen more.


The crunch of footsteps along the ground startled her a little since she had settled into the comfort of alone. She turned to again smile at the man and her air abandoned her lungs once again.


“You’re here.” His voice caught in his throat but he managed the two words. Each year, he had stopped in and waited for a moment. Each year he had watched for her. Each year he had been left alone.


He sat down. So many times he had hoped and believed. This year he had come out of defiance. He knew he would be alone. He was always alone.
There she stood – the backdrop of blue and brown and green making her silhouette seem even deeper. He shook his head and tried to straighten his vision. It had to be a mirage – a quiet, cruel mirage.
She tried to speak, but speaking can be a challenge when you are not even able to breathe. Her heart moved into her throat and made words even more unreasonable.


He stood and took a step closer, but the mirage held firm. He found the phrase again and managed to speak. “You’re here.” He added a smile.


That smile – the one that crawled into her body and warmed her all the way to her toes. It was there, in front of her. She breathed and smiled in return. “Yes, always.”


# # #


Enter the 2015 SELTI Tourism Literature Short Story contest. It is free to enter, and the first prize winner will receive $300 – but the deadline of 11:59 pm Central, May 31st is closing in fast.


Tourism literature makes the location or event an important part of the story and at times turns the location or event into a character as well.


Huntsville, Alabama is being featured in an innovative writing contest designed to increase tourism to the area through a short stories set at local attractions and visitor offerings. The contest is jointly sponsored by the Alabama Tourism Department, the Huntsville/Madison County Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the Southeastern Literary Tourism Initiative (SELTI).


Learn more about how you can be a part of the 2015 SELTI Short Story contest by visiting SELTI.ORG.




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